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Autometer bensinmåler, 2-1/16''

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Gauge, Ultra-Lite, Fuel Level, Empty/Full, 0 Ohms/90 Ohms, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Electrical, Each

AutoMeter Ultra-Lite analog gauges are wildly popular in motorsports for several reasons. Their aluminum construction greatly reduces their weight, while their satin anodized aluminum faces and black accents make them easy to read. Quality-engineered mechanisms ensure accuracy—and each gauge is affordably priced! Ultra-Lite instruments are available to monitor more than two dozen vitals under your hood. The gauges are available in a variety of sizes and data ranges. For style, precision, value and more, equip your ride with AutoMeter Ultra-Lite dials.

0 ohms empty, 90 ohms full

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