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Ekstrem chassis svart, 0,946 liter

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3X more resins make it 3X more durable than original Chassis Black, 1 Quart (0,946liter)

For enthusiasts that drive to the extreme or have a particularly challenging restoration ahead, this heavy-duty car frame paint is up to the challenge. Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black® Paint is a proprietary coating that can renew and maintain the look of the undercarriage. Once you’ve stripped away surface paint and rust, apply a coat of Extreme Chassis Black Primer followed by this durable coating. It has three times the resins of our original Chassis Black for three times the protection against corrosion, scratches or chemical fading. The low-gloss satin finish is a match for many OEM underbody paints. (It’s also available as a high-gloss formula.)

We offer Extreme Chassis Black in 14-ounce aerosol cans for small jobs, 1-quart sprayable cans for small vehicle undercarriages and 1-gallon cans for full-size cars and trucks. It’s the final stage of our four-step process to restore rusty metal. After all the time you spent on preparing the suspension, top it with a frame paint that will keep the undercarriage in great shape for years. Eastwood has a 90-day guarantee and lifetime tech support on all our automotive paints.

  • Improved resistance against corrosion, chips and scratches
  • Matches OEM finish
  • Apply multiple coats without lifting
  • 11175Z: 14-oz. Aerosol provides 8-sq. ft. coverage
  • 11176ZP: Quart provides 40-sq. ft. coverage
  • 33991ZP: Gallon provides 160-sq. ft. coverage
  • Satin Finish 25-35% gloss

Note: This paint can not be applied over top of self-etching primers.

You've spent many hours prepping your frame and suspension parts; now top-coat it with a tough, OEM-matching formula that provides extreme durability! 3 times more resins make it 3 times more durable than our original Chassis Black.

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